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Kodak 1200i Wide-Format Inkjet Printer

Kalb Photo Supply, Inc.
1903 Walbert Avenue
Allentown, PA 18104-1542

Phone: 610-821-0551
Fax: 610-821-5586

The 1200i Delivers

"For over 20 years we have been a pioneer in the field of wide-format inkjet printing technology. We understand how important fast turnaround, flexible workflow and profitability are for any wide-format business. So, we designed the Kodak 1200i printer with leading-edge, digital inkjet technology to help achieve these vital goals.

"As the winner of the 2004 GATF technology award, with 11 unique patents, the Kodak 1200i brings you the latest in printing science. Its dual-component rapid evaporation drying system decreases job turnaround time by allowing for faster print-to-lamination. In addition, advanced thermal print heads and staggered carriage design help ensure excellent reliability, ease of use, and great image quality. All this, combined with industry-leading print speeds, makes it one of the top graphic production printers on the market.

"For overnight jobs, the 1200i's software suite allows you to remotely monitor the printer, tracking your jobs and even sending automated text messages directly to your e-mail or cell phone when it's time to refill. Unattended printing is further supported by an intermediate ink reservoir that helps maintain a constant supply to the print head, greatly reducing depriming and helping to maintain the life of your cartridge. Finally, all replaceable components are easy to use and designed for clean-hands operation.

"Our approach to productivity is simple: Deliver greater speed, reliability, ease of use and image quality all in one printer...the Kodak 1200i."


*Print Technology: Thermal Inkjet with IMT technology

*Print Resolution: 300x300 dpi, 600x600 dpi, 1200x600 dpi

*Standard Print Speeds at 600 dpi:High Speed-220 sfph, Productivity-150 sfph, Fine-115 sfph, Enhanced-75 sfph, High Quality-26 sfph

*Ink Compatibility: Kodak Quantum Ink Dye and pigment Ink sets

*Media Handling: Standard automated media take-up and feeder system with media cutter

*Media Specifications: Roll width-24" to 60", Max External Diameter-6", Core Diameter-2" or 3" with adapter, Maximum Weight-60 lbs.

*Media Drying: Rapid Evaporation Drying System Dual component system preheats media via internal conductive heated nose and air plenum carries moisture away for take-up at full speed

*Dimensions (HxWxD): 48"x112"x28" (unpacked)

*Weight: 270lbs (unpacked)

Price: Please inquire

To Order: Phone, Fax, or E-mail KPS for prompt service.
Phone 610-821-0551

Last Update: 11-20-2009.

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