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Batteries and Chargers

Kalb Photo Supply, Inc.
1903 Walbert Avenue
Allentown, PA 18104-1542

Phone: 610-821-0551
Fax: 610-821-5586

Photo Batteries 4 AA Varta Photo Batteries$2.40
High Energy Batteries 4 AAA Varta H.E. Batteries $1.99
4 AA Varta H.E. Batteries $1.99
2 C Varta H.E. Batteries $2.79
2 D Varta H.E. Batteries $2.79
(1) 9V Varta H.E. Battery $1.99
Rechargeable Batteries 4 AA Rayovac Hybrid $13.95
4 AA Energizer Batteries $13.99
(1) 9V Varta Battery $10.95
Battery Chargers 8 AA Rayovac Charger $29.95
4 AA Energizer 15 min. Charger
with car adaptor

To Order Phone, Fax or E-mail KPS for Prompt Service.
Last Update 12/03/08.

Call Customer Service 610-821-0551.

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