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Hasselblad 501 CM

Kalb Photo Supply, Inc.
1903 Walbert Avenue
Allentown, PA 18104-1542

Phone: 610-821-0551
Fax: 610-821-5586

The primary model for a vast variety of photographic applications. For many photographers, amateurs and professionals alike, the 501CM is the gateway to medium format and the superb Hasselblad image quality. Its totally battery-independent operation also appeals to Hasselblad owners who need a back-up camera in their outfit. The patented Gliding Mirror System (GMS) provides a full viewfinder image with virtually all lenses, irrespective of focal length. It is compatible with all CF/CFE and CB lenses, film magazines, viewfinders and most current and previous accessories.

Complete package price $ 2,995.00 includes 501CM body, 80mm CFE lens & A-12 film back……

To Order Phone, Fax or E-mail KPS for Prompt Service.

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Call Customer Service 610-821-0551. Kalb Photo Supply your Authorized Hasselblad Dealer. Last Update 5-17-2001.

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